Play Rugby Differently

Perform at your peak

Rugby coaching around creative concepts to develop team spirit,
bravery & mental strength.
Designed for people who find themselves in a difficult personal situation or for other kind of communities to benefit from positive rugby values.
For individuals, public institutions, schools, companies and events organizers.

Passion & mobility

Based in Oslo, your coach is 100 % rugby dedicated and geographically mobile.


Many years of experience in rugby coaching.
Strong logistical management projects in international sports events.


Health, wellness, self-confidence.
Perform and be the best of yourself.
Enhance your personal & business projects to maximize your success.

"Sharky", an innovative coach

Human being at the heart of the game

Picture of Patrice Balauze aka "Sharky"

Patrice Balauze aka "Sharky"

Proven experience in training & coaching rugby, in Oslo and abroad. Patrice is also coach at the Norwegian Rugby Federation. His daily mission is to promote with passion the educational values of rugby to individuals in schools. But not only. Patrice gives his expertise to companies for team building or sets up creative concepts around rugby on various events. His strong experience in logistics allows him to join management teams on international sports competitions. He coaches rugby through an innovative motivational approach to develop team spirit. The goal is not to create new "athletes" but better citizens, and being a better version of themselves.

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Train with experts, get results with fun

Coaching Services for Rugby amateurs

Rugby Conversion, Schools services

Rugby Initiation

Children, teenagers, students

Schools And Recreation Centers

The pleasure of playing while adhering to strong rugby values: surpassing yourself and building team spirit!
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Rugby Conversion services for people in social difficulties

Mix individuals coaching

People in social difficulties

Social centers, Prisons

Get better and believe in own abilities...
Now enter the scrum!
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Rugby Conversion Business services

Team building

Employees and managers


Goals achievement with efficiency. Build and keep employees' loyalty. Convert the "try".
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Rugby Conversion, Art, Culture & Gastronomic services

Cultural Concepts

For all kind of social or sporting event

Associations or Event Organizers

Social or cultural project as art & gastronomy.
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Take the expert, focus on your competitions' stakes


Rugby Conversion, Federations and international competition services

Professional sport teams

For Rugby and All types of international sport events

Federations, Leagues, Clubs

The logistical know-how in the best international sports competitions to make daily life of the athletes more comfortable. Patrice can facilitate your tasks while planning and travelling.
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Out of the pitch

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A wonderful human and sports experience


Be part of our community


Experience a new way to live rugby

Commit to be creative And make you (more) happy

Challenge yourself. Feel powerful. Enjoy playing rugby differently

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