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New, Rugby in Business
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Rugby Conversion transforms your teams

switch up your team building and try something new

Do you want to improve the quality of life at work and the performance of your company? Then rugby is a solid and recognized alternative to develop skills such as communication, planning, or internal conflict management. With specific workshops such as scrums, line out, tackles, Rugby Conversion will help you to create a positive motivational dynamic in your organization. Rugby is a complex strategic sport, but above all, collective –  we win or lose together. In your company, it’s the same thing, each member of your team has a role to play and has to be supportive to your colleagues’ efforts.

Before each session, requirements will be set with the management to target the type of need and objectives to achieve. We will follow up to help you turn the results into action.

Goals achievement

BuilD AND reinforce employees' loyalty

Rugby values

Keep a close-knit team, with strong team spirit and show empathy

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People skills optimization

Focused on individuals or teams. Be positive and strong together, act and do the right thing

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Company results

Human being at the heart of the organization to enable positive results, promote growth, and teams’ confidence to management

A wonderful human and sports experience


Free your mind and your body

Let’s tackle those challenges