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Patrice Balauze AKA "Sharky"

Patrice Balauze

A way of life

Discipline, humility, team spirit, these are the values that have structured my life. I got involved in rugby because it embodies these values and therefore I feel good in it, it is my element. Sharing and spreading these values is my credo!

Rugby is an unknown sport in Norway, and I remain convinced that it can grow and that there is room to promote it in various ways. Indeed, beyond the practice of this beautiful sport, the strong and noble values that rugby conveys can be transposed in our private life.

Through Rugby Conversion, I propose approaching or deepening these values around services adapted to the type of objective or event set up in a playful, educational, and or creative way. You don't have to be “an athlete” to benefit from the many advantages Rugby Conversion offers you. Its services are accessible to all! In fact, Rugby Conversion aims to be a social vector, to transmit strong human values and reflect on "well living" together to feel better and powerful together.

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The conversion from Michelin Restaurants barman and salesman to rugby coach (Singular but yet…)

From France to norway

Patrice Balauze comes from Dax in the southwest of France, an emblematic region of french rugby from where several champions have emerged. It was therefore obvious he became passionate about rugby, which he has played from an early age.

After studying hotel management, Patrice travelled on several continents as a barman. As often as possible, he continued to play rugby with the people he met along the way…until he moved to Norway in 1999. He quickly realized that the quality of life here let him practice sport regularly despite the constraints of his profession. By chance he found Oslo Rugbyklubb (ORK) in 2006! Indeed, this club composed of several expatriates allowed him to facilitate his integration around the passion of the oval ball.

A converted try! From then on, Patrice played for more than 12 years in the Norwegian championship and in several tournaments abroad. He got selected 3 times for the national squad and later on, got the position as logistic manager for the national side. In parallel and until today, Patrice carries out various missions of rugby development for the Norwegian federation and his favorite club Sagene If.

Enthusiastic and as passionate as ever, Patrice devotes himself 100% to a unique project integrating the practice and values of rugby for different audiences.

Lots of kids I coached early in my career called me Sharky because of the shark tattoo on my shoulder.
Since then, it has remained my nickname.

Rugby Conversion

The beginning of an innovative rugby and A social project

Rugby Conversion social project

Why not Norway!!?

Playing rugby is not only running, carrying a ball, but also a different culture, a way of approaching life and people. Whatever the version of rugby, 7, 13 or 15 a side it is a collective combat sport which requires the surpassing of oneself and whatever life throws at you: one day the rebound is favorable to you, the next day it takes you against the grain.

Why « Rugby Conversion » ?

This is the change, the progression, the transformation. It means getting the best out of oneself and others. And it´s also starting from the raw material – a team. But above all, in rugby, « Conversion » means getting two more points after scoring a try. So, to sum up the origin and meaning of Conversion, it is to refine a collective effort.

After having acquired international experience in the fields of logistics, organization and training of teams on major tournaments such as the HSBC 7 Seven Series, but also in soccer with UEFA in 2016 in France, Patrice then accumulated other formative experiences in several rugby academies as well as rugby solidarity projects.

Patrice points out an obvious insight. Rugby is an unknown sport in Norway, and he is convinced that it can develop and that there are many ways to promote it. An Olympic Game since 2016 under the format of rugby 7s, also known as formula 1 rugby, it is increasingly present in the media. Emerging countries such as Olympic champions Fiji, Kenya, or Brazil, which were not predestined to rub shoulders with the world elite are now very successful.

In our so-called modern societies, based more and more on individualism accentuated by the digitalization of our communication tools, Rugby Conversion, beyond sport, has the ambition to be a social vector, to transmit values and to reflect on living well together

Thus, the goal of Rugby Conversion is to make rugby known under different aspects and services. And you don’t have to be an « athlete » to benefit.

Today, Patrice is already very active through extra-curricular activities and social services. He also has the ambition to present original Team-buildings based on his favorite sport. According to needs of companies his services can focus on playful or more in-depth interaction between colleagues. Rugby Conversion will also be present during social activities, solidarity projects & events.

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