MixED individuals' rugby coaching

People in social difficulties

Sensitive neighborhoods, Social centers, Prisons

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People get better with Rugby Conversion

Helping people grow and find their way

Rugby Conversion’s main ambition is to help young people who have dropped out of school or to stimulate various challenged communities, through the values of rugby such as respect, empathy, living together…
The goal is to make them better citizens. 

Ultimately, partners, sponsors and public authorities will support this initiative. 


Stay focus on objectives

Easier reintegration

Rugby values

Living well together, respecting each other, having a common goal, helping each other

Personal development

Get to know one´s self, work on weaknesses and optimize   strengths

Find the best path

Feel the motivation to get out of difficult personal situations

A wonderful human and sports experience


Become the best version of yourself

Let's ruck and roll to reach your goals